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Our Birmingham location features Alabama’s most impressive beer package selection, wine and homebrew supplies, growlers, and an onsite beer bar with patio, with 60 draft choices. We are your beer store, wine shop, and happy hour destination.

Mon­-Wed 10am­-9pm
Thurs­-Sat 10am­-10pm



(205) 279-2337


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Meet the Staff

Justin Camp

Justin runs the the KSM bar

Caleb Raubenolt — Jester of Ester

Caleb is the jack of all trades, I mean the Jester of Ester for Krog Street. Our fearless GM, he does a little bit of everything in order to keep the store running smooth and the beers flowing.

Brittany Graham - Ingenue of Imbibing

What do you call someone with a background in hospitality, food and beverage pairing, flavor profiles, brewing, and event planning? Oh, and recently began taking lessons in French to better read wine label appellations… Yeah, we didn’t know what to call Brittany either. Always happy to help you find the perfect beer or cider, Brittany is our ‘Girl Friday’ for customer engagement and all Cicerone-related questions.

Brad Tygart — Sultan of Suds

This Sultan of Suds now lords over the Westside. In his triumphant return, Brad curates the package beer selection at WMT- so if you are looking for something in particular, he is the guy to ask. He is also our resident Hop Head, so anyone looking for a new IPA should hit him up.

Sara Foltz — Wort Wrangler

Sara handles the homebrew department. Come to her with questions about additives, SRM, gravity discrepancy, any kegerator pressure problems. Special homebrew requests go to her as well. She specializes in homebrew, beer and cider.

Paul Jones — Slayer of Suds

Paul Jones is the General Manager of the OG West Midtown retail and beer bar incarnations of Hop City. Paul is the orchestrator of the products we have on hand! If a libation is available in the fine state of Georgia, rest assured he will try to have to keep it on hand in order to keep your palates refreshed. Keep up with the largest beer selection in the Southeast is a lot of work. He specializes in beer, homebrewing and kegging, and wine.

Angela Richter — Socialite Sommelier

Angela Richter is the Socialite Sommelier for Hop City Birmingham, and manages social media and events.  She originates from Florida, where she managed a boutique wine bar in Sarasota before she fell in love with craft beer.  She worked for World of Beer for 5 years before joining the Hop City team.  Angela has tried over 3,000 different beers, has her first level Cicerone certification, and specializes in gluten free options for customers, and loves recommending new beer and wine for you to try.

Jay Gaines — General Manager

Jay began his professional career as a circus clown and “Carnie”, travelling the circuit from Northern Virginia to Florida. After an banana peel-induced injury, Jay began using beer as a coping mechanism and quickly fell under it’s sudsy charms. He left the circus in Athens, GA and began delving into the many-faceted world of craft beer. It is widely believed that the Terrapin Beer Company “turtle” mascot found on the Rye Pale Ale is based on a visit Jay and his banjo made to the brewery. After 8 years working at Athens-based package stores in a variety of capacities, Jay made the journey southwest to Birmingham and was part of Hop City’s store opening team in the Magic City. Initially the beer manager, Jay’s deep knowledge of European styles and brands made him a fan favorite. After several beers, he is prone to slipping into German or Belgian, especially when debating the merits of the German Beer Purity Act of 1516. He was promoted to General Manager in Birmingham in July 2014. His other hobbies include modern dance, sumo wrestling, and collecting vintage Smurf figurines.

Justin Jones — Keg-quistador

Justin Jones is the Keg-quistador for Hop City Birmingham, and manages the Growlertown Bar.  He has had a passion for craft beer for years, and turned it into a profession with the opening of Hop City in his home town.  He’s the one responsible for the awesome and ever-changing draft line-up at Hop City Birmingham, and he excels at helping visitors find delicious new beers to try, especially those new to craft beer.


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CO2 Exchanges

We offer exchanges and sales of 5lb CO2 canisters. At this time we can not exchange other sizes. Call us to check on current availability.

Homebrew Classes

We hold Homebrew classes both beginner and advanced. Beginner classes are $15/person, Advanced All-Grain classes are $25/person. Call us at 205-279-3557 to check dates and make a reservation. You can also check our Birmingham Events calendar for scheduled classes.  We will be happy to schedule a special class for groups of 10 or more upon request.

Recipe Pre-Ordering

We are happy to put together any homebrew recipe you send us before you come in! However, due to the volume of Saturday traffic, we will not be able to fill out-of-store orders on Saturdays. Recipes will be assembled, and grain will be milled upon your arrival.  We cannot guarantee recipe integrity if you do not pick it up on the date requested! Thank you for your cooperation.

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